Our Rooms

Top of the Cliff apartments

The apartments are fully equipped. They have two bedrooms and a living room, two bathrooms and toilets, and are suitable for up to eight people. Each apartment has a fully equipped kitchen (suitable also for those who observe the Sabbath). Each room has a TV set connected to satellite broadcasts (yes), wifi, and each apartment has an espresso machine.

Hostel rooms

Hostel rooms are simple and vary in size, providing hikers with basic comforts. Each room has its own shower and toilet, mini-refrigerator, coffee corner, sheets, towels, soap and shampoo. Rooms sizes (16 sq.m. to 22 sq.m.) vary from a double room, room for three / four, dorms (booking is per bed), and family units. All the rooms are air-conditioned.


Our campsite is spacious and accommodations can be in huts, in desert tents or your own tent. The grounds include a field kitchen (gas-fuelled), refrigerators and a food preparation area. There are also designated areas for barbecues and campfires (you can order wood when you check in). Showers and toilets.

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