A special events experience overlooking the spectacular Dead Sea landscape

You are nature lovers, and you dream of a unique event that will be etched into your memory – and that of your guests – for years to come Is that a dream that seems too expensive, difficult to organize, distant, a fantasy? It shouldn't. We can show you how! Discuss your next big event with us and we'll show you how to make it easy, pleasant and possible, and we'll help you make the right decisions for whatever event you're planning.

With us, you can match the character of the event or production to your needs​

With us, you can match the character of the event or production to your needs. We have spaces and areas that are suitable for a range of events in the open air or indoors: weddings, shows, business events, workshops, festivals.

So how can we make that dream come true for you?

At Metzoke Dragot you will find all the event production and management services you need. We can offer you excellent professional service providers, DJs, artists, workshop leaders, field activities and more. We invite you to hire those services and ours for producing and managing your event from A to Z.

The choice is yours

We work with excellent suppliers and service providers so that you can construct your perfect event. But if you have a preferred caterer or photographer, you can choose them and we will work with them to put together the complete picture.

Overnight stay?

The best morning after is a peaceful cup of coffee while enjoying the hypnotic view and the quiet of the Dead Sea. Right? Our diverse accommodation options [insert link] mean that you and your guests can stay overnight and make the event last a little bit longer. You can even combine it with a walk, canoeing, a visit to Einot Tzukim, or just enjoy the view.

You can be certain

Years of experience and a skilled and attentive staff mean that you can be relaxed and confident as you create your event. You are in good hands. Your success is our success.

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It starts with a call

We're pretty sure that after your call, everything will start to look simpler and you will see a clear road to your dream.

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