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As you drive up Road 90 towards us and the landscape below you comes into view, the experience is already starting… Metzoke Dragot – Travelers Hostel overlooks the magnificent view of the Dead Sea on one side and the wide open desert and breathtaking mountains on the other. Imagine being surrounded on all sides by open-air spaces. Perfect for your next trip!


Top of the Cliff apartments

The apartments are fully equipped. They have two bedrooms and a living room, two bathrooms and toilets, and are suitable for up to eight people.

Hostel rooms

Hostel rooms are simple and vary in size, providing hikers with basic comforts. Each room has its own shower and toilet, mini-refrigerator, coffee corner, sheets, towels, soap and shampoo.


Our campsite is spacious and accommodations can be in huts, in desert tents or your own tent. The grounds include a field kitchen (gas-fuelled), refrigerators and a food preparation area. There are also designated areas for barbecues and campfires (you can order wood when you check in). Showers and toilets.

אוהל "בר"




The new and surprising compound currently being launched consists of 10 new “glamping” units or “Tenties” as we call it, that overlook the breathtaking and panoramic Dead Sea

מרפסת "טנטי"

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